5 Best AR-15 Mag Brands

AR-15 rifles are more than capable of firing more rounds in a minute than most other guns on the market. Of course you cannot fire any bullets from your rifle if you do not have a magazine in your rifle. Pretty much every AR-15 comes bundled with one or two but if you want to take full advantage of its capabilities, you really should get more than just one or two.

Thankfully, you are not low on choices. As with every other type of AR-15 accessory, it feels like every manufacturer and their mother seems to make their own brand of magazines. Finding the best ones can be tough when you just have so many choices out there, but we can help by narrowing them down to just five. Here are five of the best magazine brands out there for fans of the AR-15.

1. Magpul PMAG

There are two kinds of magazines, and each one has its advantages and its disadvantages. There are metal magazines, crafted from steal or aluminum. Then, there are the polymer magazines, created with a polymer material. The Magpul PMAG are made with polymer. In fact, they were a pioneer, the first popular magazine designed from this material. Even after all this time and all these new competitors, it still remains among the very best — “the gold standard,” in the words of Gun Mag Warehouse.

Part of what makes this magazine, made by industry veteran Magpul Dynamics, so good rests in the material. Unlike with their purely metallic counterparts, polymer feed lips can take a licking and still keep on kicking. If the magazine hits the ground, the feed lip will not break nearly as easily. Instead, it will bend a little, requiring a lot more before breaking, and you can bend it back quite easily. This applies to all polymer magazines, or at least it is supposed to, but Magpul just happens to construct them better than just about anyone else in the field.

2. Brownells

Founded at the dawn of World War II, Brownells is a true veteran of the industry and styles itself “the world’s largest supplier of factory gun parts, gun parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment, and firearms accessories.” Their magazines, made with a mix of chrome silicon, and fiberglass polymer, are of such excellent quality that the United States military gave them a contract. We all know that the military never ever accepts anything less than the best for the troops.

The best part is that Brownells follows the same standards for the magazines they sell to civilians. They even use the same machines to manufacture them — which is cheaper than building other machines, sure, but it still reinforces the quality. These mags can provide your AR-15 with the same accuracy, firepower, and overall quality as the people fighting overseas. You cannot underestimate the sheer reliability of Brownells magazines.

3. SureFire

SureFire LLC recently turned 40 years old, but even a full four decades after its founding, their instincts for good AR-15 products remain sharp. They produce a lot of different equipment and accessories for that type of rifle. That high-capacity magazines capable of holding 60 or even 100 rounds of ammunition. Even when they are filled all the way, they are still lighter to carry than you might expect. This one is for the big gunners who want to fire a whole lot of bullets without need for reloading.

These magazines are STANAG magazines, which means they comply with NATO’s STANAG 4179 proposal. Magazines designed to fit the defense group’s standard can be shared by soldiers of any nation aligned with NATO. Because the proposal was never passed, magazines of this kind are not required for NATO warfare usage. That makes SureFire magazines quite special indeed.

4. Accurate-Mag

Also compliant with NATO STANAG requirements are the magazines produced by Accurate-Mag Products. This manufacturer is accurately named, dedicated to enhancing the precision of any kind of rifle with their accessories. They are mostly known for their work with sniper rifles and bolt action rifles, but assault rifles are also part of their forte. That includes the AR-15, where accuracy is sometimes traded off for sheer force. With an accurate mag from Accurate-Mag, that issue can be corrected and the rifle will not simply be balanced but optimized.

Like Brownells, Accurate-Mag produces magazines for more than just civilians. Law enforcement officers lock and load them for situations when they might need to carry lots of bullets at a time. Members of the military carry them on their person in active warzones and battlefields. You can carry them as well when you are on the hunt or in a competition.

5. Accuracy International

Accuracy International is another manufacturer of AR-15 components and magazines that wears its primary goal on its sleeve. If the name is not familiar to you, then you have almost certainly heard of AICS — short for the Accuracy International Chassis System, their world class, often imitated but never matched chassis system. The company’s original rifle designs have been used by the militaries of several countries, including the United States.

Their rifles and chassis system may be legendary, but they produce so much more, including magazines for assault rifles. Like everything else in their inventory, these mags are designed for power, durability, longevity, and functionality. Obviously, accuracy is another biggie: once you load it onto your rifle, you can fire without worrying about the bullets getting stuck or misfiring or anything.

These are only a few of the best magazine brands out there for AR-15 shooting enthusiasts. There are so many others out there, and as you continue on your personal journey, you can try them out and see how you like them. The five brands we listed here are just the ones we most strongly recommend for getting started.

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