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PMAG 30-Round AR/M4- Cerakote Zombie Green

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Product is a Magpul PMAG 30 AR, a 5.56 x 45 NATO 30-round polymer magazine that has been professionally cerakoted to the color selected for use in AR-15 compatible weapons. 

Magazine Shipping Restrictions

10 and 15 Round Magazines: Calegalmags modifies these Magpul Pmag magazines to 10 round capacity internally. They manufacture their own proprietary limiters which they insert into the magazine to limit capacity to 10 rounds maximum. The limiters are chemical and heat resistant and will never break or fail. In addition to the limiter, Calegalmags will seal the bottom of the magazine closed "permanently" with a industrial grade polymer adhesive (no rivets or blind pins). This magazine can not be taken apart without destroying it! The magazine spring inside maintains full length of travel in the magazine body and is not restricted in any way with modification. Extended handling times for magazines needing modification. 

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