The Best AR 15 stocks for 2020

AR-15 is one of the most famous firearms for its versatility and easy-to-customize features. With the increasing demands of this gun, there are many benefits for upgrading AR-15 from a simple gun to an optimal weapon. Also, people prefer to upgrade buttstock for better performance and better look. So, choosing the best AR -15 stocks can be challenging but not impossible.

Besides, you need to consider a few factors while buying a buttstock. These are:

  • The stock should make it easy for you to carry your AR-15 gun.
  • The gun should feel comfortable on your shoulder.
  • Your AR-15 should turn into a more powerful firearm.

One more important thing is that many people try to replace stocks with pistol braces. Stock is what you place against the shoulder. But, pistol braces help the user stabilize the guns. Also, there are 2 different legal definitions for each term.

Different Types of AR 15 Stocks

  • Fixed AR-15 Stocks –

These are lightweight and fixed. So, no adjustments are possible with these types of stocks. There may be some small compartments for carrying tools or additional batteries.

  • Adjustable AR-15 Stocks –

These stocks offer more adjustable options. These are available with a cheek riser. Also, there may be adjustable butt padding. Besides, you can adjust them in many ways. So, you can turn your AR-15 gun into a more powerful firearm

  • Collapsible AR-15 Stocks –

You can adjust the length of pull only. So, you can opt for a more comfortable firing stance with these stocks.

  • Personal Defense Weapon or PDW Stocks –

These are used for more compact AR for CQB. Also, these are adjustable for length of pull.

  • Minimalist AR-15 Stocks –

These stocks are super lightweight and easy to carry. Thus, these are easier to carry long distances for hunting or tactical purposes. 

  • Folding-AR Stocks –

Folding stocks are very easy to carry. But, there are specific laws for each state that you need to follow. For example, folding a rifle under 26 inches in California is known as Short Barrel Rifle (SBR). 

11 Best AR-15 Stocks

  • Magpul MOE 

Magul is a famous name in the world of AR-15 rifles furniture. This 8 oz adjustable buttstock is superlight, simple-looking, and budget-friendly. Also, it offers a 3.3” length of pull. But, it doesn’t offer any storage compartments. Besides, although there are no adjustable options, this stock comes with a .30 rubber buttpad and sling mounts.

  • Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock

Bravo Company is famous for its lightweight stocks. BCMGUNFIGHTER stock of 7.5 oz feels solid in hand. Also, it is a mil-spec (military specifications) stock. Moreover, it is a collapsible AR-15 stock. Also, it has QD sling mounts and a slot for attaching a sling. Besides, there are available in 2 colors, black and dark earth.

  • Mission First Battlelink Minimalist

Mission First Battlelink Minimalist is a minimalist lightweight stock. It weighs only 5.8 oz. Also, it has an improved version of cheek weld. The angled buttpad makes it easier to hold the AR-15 rifle on your shoulder. Also, the rubber buttpad prevents it to slip. Besides, you can customize the pull length.

  • B5 Systems Bravo

B5 Systems Bravo is an adjustable buttstock. It weighs 9.6 oz. Also, it comes with superb cheek weld and sure-grip stock latch. Besides, this mil-spec stock has a non-slippery rubber buttpad. Also, this stock is pocket-friendly. Overall, this stock provides both comfort and safety.

  • Battle Arms Development Lightweight Butt Stock (BAD LBS)

BAD LBS is a minimalist buttstock. In simpler form, it is a buttpad that connects to your buffer tube. These stocks are extremely lightweight. Their weight can be less than 3 oz. Also, it is a MilSpec Type III Class 2 hard anodized Black stock.

  • Strike Industries Viper Mod-1

Strike Industries Viper Mod-1 is a collapsible stock of 6.6 oz. Also, it offers an enhanced cheek rest. Unlike other stocks, you can find the QD cups on the sides. Also, the angled buttpad and QD sling mounting points catch your attention. 

  • Magpul CTR

Magpul CTR is a collapsible buttstock with awesome features. It is easy to install on any mil-spec buffer tube. Also, its nylon polymer body is heat-resistant. Moreover, the rubber buttpad is non-slippery and comfortable. Besides, the friction-locking mechanism reduces movement between the buttstock and buffer tube.

  • Magpul MOE-SL

Magpul MOE-SL is an upgraded version of Magpul. It has a lot of similarities with Bravo including the weight and price. It weighs 9.6 oz. This collapsible AR-15 stock provides an anti-rattle feature for a snug fit. Moreover, there are battery storage tubes. Also, there are 2 sling mountains. Besides, this offers dual side latch and sloping cheek rest. 

  • Luth-AR Modular Fixed Buttstock Assembly (MBA)

Luth-AR Modular Fixed Buttstock Assembly provides extreme comfort and adjustability. It weighs 10 oz. Also, it has an adjustable cheek rise and a separate buttplate. It has 2 QD sling socket and rubber buttpads. Besides, the durable glass-filled nylon and lightweight makes it more desirable. 

  • Fab Defense GL-MAG M4 ‘Survival’ Buttstock

Fab Defense GL-MAG M4 ‘Survival’ Buttstock is a unique buttstock with a built-in 10-round magazine carrier. This carrier has a user-friendly quick-release button. So, you can easily switch the rifle into a shouldering position. Also, you can customize this further as there are many options for that. Besides, this sleek stock is suitable for both commercial and mil-spec tubes.

  • Armaspec XPDW Stock for AR Rifles

The Armaspec XPDW Stock is a mil-spec PDW stock. It is a compact stock that can be easily collapsible. With 5 ambidextrous adjustment positions, it is easy to activate the integrated button. Also, it is built of aluminum with 2 hard steel rods. 


You need to choose the type of stocks that suit your needs. Also, you can select them as per your budget. It is always good to have a purpose for using the AR-15 gun. Thus, you can choose the stock that meets your purpose.