What are the Best AR-15 Mags?

To those who consider having an AR-15 is a necessity, the bigger necessity is to have the best of AR 15 accessories, especially the magazine. The market of AR-15 mags is wide and massive. Hence, certainly, there are multiple options available in the market but what is more important is to make the right choice which calls for a good amount of knowledge. There are different factors which count in at this stage. Before we jump on to the deciding factors and types of AR-15 mags available, we must know the importance of a right AR-15 mag.

Importance of the Right AR-15 Mag

This would resonate more with the experienced users of AR-15 rifle as they know the number of shots they have made and drawbacks seen. A bad magazine can simply ruin your experience by causing malfunctions. Some of the most common characteristics of a bad magazine includes: Old, bent feed lips, wonky followers, cracked spines, etc. The AR-15 magazines are needed to function well despite being dropped number of times during reloads and function even when covered in dirt and sand. They can not stop ticking even after they have had thousand rounds of firing. To fulfill such conditions, only a good AR-15 mag can survive. But to a novice or an amateur here, the next thing in mind would- what makes an AR-15 mag the right one? What are the reliability factors?


Reliability Factors of AR-15 Mag

To start with, one of the most crucial elements of the AR-15 mag is its follower. The follower is the part of the magazine on which the ammunition lies. Hence, being the most tension and pressure bearer, it can not be any less than the best. The best AR-15 mags come with the anti-tilt followers. Second most crucial thing in AR-15 mags is its spring which is important for reasons more than one. While they are pretty simple and comprise of mostly similar designs, what they are made up of is the main thing. The best of AR-15 mags comprise of stainless steel as the material used in the spring. It makes the spring of the magazine resistant to corrosion ensuring dirt and grit coming off easily. Thirdly, you must ensure that your magazine look in a decent shape. The magazine that is dented or cracked is not likely to work reliably. You should have a check-list on at the feed lips, follower and the body of the magazine. None of them should be bent or chipped.

While choosing the magazines, there are two broad comparisons which people make-

Polymer versus Metal magazines. Let us see what these two means to you. The discussions pertaining to polymer and metal magazines generally revolve around the body of the magazine and the feed lips, with more emphasis on the latter. While both of them are highly reliable, last long and serve well under different circumstances, still polymer overrules metal just by one advantage. It is the reliable feed lips. A magazine usually breaks or turns unreliable because of its feed lips. They are the weakest and the most critical part of the magazine, especially while offering a round for the bolt to chamber.

The disadvantage of metal magazines is it is hard to look for its deformities on its visual appearance. This is not the case with the polymer magazines. The polymer magazines are very elastic in nature and they either return to the actual shape or break completely. This implies, if it looks good in the first appearance, it will be good, and won’t ditch you at the time of functioning. If it is broken, it will also be visible. To help you decide better, here is a list of few other features of both. Metal magazines are cheaper, lighter in weight, thinner, and classics. On the other hand, Polymer magazines have better visual inspection feature, come with windows in them which makes it super easy to see the remaining number of rounds, and never rust or dent.

Best AR-15 Magazines available in the market.

  1. Magpul PMAG M3:

    If you ever visit the market and look for the most popular and recognized AR-15 magazine, the first name you will hear of would be- Magpul PMAG. This is mainly because of its characteristics such as reasonable price, easy to find and highly reliable. While there should be no second thought about picking up a PMAG, you might be confused in deciding which one to pick up amongst PMAG as it has a lot of varieties. Its latest and greatest version is Gen M3, all-polymer magazine. Broadly, Magpul proves to be highly useful if shooting from prone or other positions where a longer magazine might be a bit of problem.
  1. Lancer L5 AWM:

    If you are looking for a translucent magazine which allows you to have a glimpse of all the rounds that are inside, Lancer L5 AWM is the one you must go for. It is easy to find and quite reasonably priced and very much reliable. It is considered to be different as it is a blend of metal and polymer. It has steel feed lips and a polymer body.
  1. ETS Magazines:

    Elite Tactical System magazine, as ETS stands for is one of the most interesting magazines out there in the market. What makes it interesting is the fact that it comes teamed up with an internal coupler system. It is translucent giving a clear and easy view of the number of rounds you are left with and can be easily connected together for faster reloads. One of the drawbacks of this magazine is its increased weight but to many, it comes as an advantage for battling bigger. Quite unique and affordable, ETS is a perfect option for home defense.
  1. Daniel defense DD32:

    This magazine is mostly known for its durability. It comes as an attractive option as its composition blends polymer and carbon fiber which makes it lighter in weight without compromising in strength. It is well-structured for convenient gripping and ripping. Its bottom has a raised base plate which helps it avoid damage if dropped during reloads.
  1. Hexmag:

    The list of best AR-15 mags is incomplete without discussing Hexmag. It is by far the most affordable magazine and is known for its unique hexagonal texturing. It is this texturing which makes very easy to grip the magazine irrespective of the gloves. Highly durable, lightweight and unique designing, anti-tilt followers, and stainless-steel springs,Hexmag is an irresistible magazine option.


Shooting and using a gun is indeed a serious business but why not make it interesting if you have the options of personalizing and customizing it? Personalized AR-15 Mags is not an unheard thing today and you can choose your theme according to your personality or theme. There are themes available for all- be it a patriot, movie fanatic, character lover, political figurative, warrior or pop culture fan, personalized AR-15 mags are available for all with wide array of variety.