AK Ammo storage- Best practices

If you are an AK owner, it is most likely that you have surplus ammo lying in your possession. And you are surely aware of how important and complicated it is to store surplus ammo properly. One simple mistake can damage your entire stock leading to a huge loss. And if you are unfortunate, such an incident might also lead to catastrophic accidents.

Why is proper ammo storage important?

Proper ammo storage is crucial for a host of reasons. Some of them are explained as under:

  • Damaged ammunition can cause your primers to lose their sensitivity.
  • Your gun cartridges will get weakened leading to ruptures
  • Any corrosion caused to your ammo due to lack of proper care can prove dangerous to fire your guns
  • The price of ammo keeps fluctuating and can reach skyrocketing prices now and then. Hence you cannot afford to lose your surplus ammo.
  • Damages ammunition works as a catalyst for severe accidents
  • Proper storage will increase the shelf life of your ammo

Does AK Ammo have a fixed shelf life?

Most manufacturers will mention a definite shelf life for their products. But it has been proved with time that Ammo’s shelf life is directly related to how it is stored. 

If you store your AK ammo properly in ideal conditions and temperature, your Ammo will last for centuries outliving your future generations. However, if ammo storage is not done properly, it will last only for a few years.

Tips to store your AK ammo the right way

My Southern Nautical is a leading provider of high quality and aesthetically pleasing magazines for your firearms to give it a new look. Being in this industry for a long time, we understand that storing ammo safely can be a great concern for firearm owners.

However, with a few easy precautions, ammo storage should not be an issue anymore:

  • The right temperature

The foremost thing to take into account is the temperature of the place where your ammo is stored. It should never be too hot or too cold.

If the temperature rises, the nitrocellulose present in the gunpowder vaporizes to a gaseous state, which causes the ammo to sweat. Once the gas starts leaking from your cartridge causing changes in pressure.

On the other hand, if the temperature gets to a freezing low, it will affect the ballistic performance of your bullets.

Hence, the ideal temperature is room temperature.

  • Strict no to humidity and Moisture

Frequent exposure to humidity and moisture will lead to corrosion in your cartridge, which will in turn damage the ammo. A corroded cartridge will not fit in the chamber correctly.

Remember, your ammo is made of metal. And moisture is the biggest enemy of metal. If you do not have a dry place at your home, get a dehumidifier to keep a check on the humidity level.

  • Dark places

Sunrays could prove severe for your ammo. Hence, it is always recommended to store it in a dark place.

  • Storage cans

The best place to store your ammo is in an airtight can or container. If you have your original ammo container with you, it is the best place for ammo storage. The labels on the boxes will help you keep a track of it. However, if you do not have it, you can certainly buy a few to store your ammo safely.

Make sure there is no excess moisture in the cans before storing the ammo and sealing it. To keep a check on the excess moisture, put silica gel packs within the containers. Silica gel packs will change color when they absorb excess moisture thus letting you know it’s time to replace.

A dehumidifier or packets will go a long way in keeping your ammo in good condition.

  • Vacuum sealed bags

Vacuum sealed bags are yet another great option for ammo storage. They keep your ammo safe from moisture.

  • Checks for signs of corrosion

Even if you are storing your ammo in a cool and dry place, it is important to frequently check for signs of corrosion to take necessary steps way ahead of any damage. You can check them every 3-4 months.

  • Rotate your Ammo

Keep rotating your ammunition as frequently as possible. Always select the oldest ammo for use and keep rotating your stock one by one from oldest to newest.

  • Be organized

Following an organized approach for ammo storage will go a long way in increasing the shelf life thus requiring less effort for you to put into it. Store them in containers with a label to maintain a proper record. Keep them away from unwanted people or children in the house.

If you do not have any storage boxes or containers, store your ammo in dry storage shelves or wooden pallets.

  • Magazine maintenance

If you frequently keep your weapons loaded, then proper magazine maintenance is crucial for keeping your ammunition in good condition. Magazines also wear out with time and develop bents if not properly taken care of. Choosing a good quality magazine is the first step towards its maintenance. Check out our website to get your hands on some of the classiest AK magazines for your firearm.

Buying the right ammo

Buying the right ammo for your AK also plays a key role in its storage. It is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating challenges faced by most arm owners barring a few.

Do not go for cheap ammo getting lured by the attractive price factor. Cheap ammo might be an old product or might have manufacture defects.

Having said that, also refrain from buying very old products because you don’t how the same has been stored so long. Go for ammo, which is completely intact and stored in a sealed container/packet.

If you have been making any mistakes while storing your ammo, avoid it right now. Get all the necessary essentials today and get your ammo organized. Also, get rid of your old dented magazines, and get some cool ones from My Southern Nautical, and have an amazing firing experience.