What are some of the most common AR 15 upgrades

Customization of guns is desired by every gun enthusiast as it provides a personalized touch to the firearm. As AR-15 rifles are highly customizable rifles, they are preferred over any other guns. Being a proud owner of one of these weapons you may be looking to upgrade your current AR. And you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we will list several common AR-15 upgrades you can opt for. We have put in intricate details about each of the parts for your help. 

But before talking about the upgrades, let’s start from the basics.

What are AR-15 guns?

AR-15 guns are lightweight semi-automatic rifles which are known as ‘one of the most beloved and vilified rifles’ in the United States of America. Their extreme popularity has made them one of the most sold guns in the US. It is estimated that around 5-10 million AR-15 rifles exist in the US alone. From being used for hunting to shelling magazines at the fire range for fun, these guns can be used for a myriad of purposes. 

AR-15 guns were popularized after the rise of video game culture during the year 2004. People developed a fascination with using these guns inspired by characters they played in these games. All the events such as the ban on AR-15 and subsequently them being used by American Forces in wars created a nationalist feeling around this gun. This is why AR-15 came to be popularly known as ‘Real American Gun’ among the masses. 

Are AR-15 guns modifiable?

Let us give you a short answer, ‘Yes’. We rarely believe a gun is as customizable as AR-15s. Just a search on the internet would tell you the lengths people have gone to, to modify AR-15s as per their taste. From mounting iPhones on the sights to chainsaws, people have surpassed any living creature’s imagination. This is why it is called the world's first ‘maker’s gun’.

AR-15 is also known as the ‘Personal computer of the gun world’ as it has slowly evolved into an infinitely hackable and accessorized gun. From military enthusiasts to doomsday preppers, from Call of Duty fans to a normal adventure junkie, AR-15 is considered the king of guns by everyone. 

What are some common AR-15 Upgrades?

Now, we will list down several parts which are easily upgradable on AR-15 guns:

  • Grips

Holding a gun correctly and safely matters a lot. This not only leads to safe and easy operation of the firearm but also ensures proper alignment of the system. All the four fingers and one toe should settle comfortably on the gun’s grip. You can choose custom grips which helps you in absorbing recoil and results in less muzzle climb. Overall buying a grip is a must if you wish to have the optimum AR-15 handling experience.

  • Triggers

Many people claim about their sights being correctly on target yet missing a shot drastically. Poor trigger control is the major reason for this. The quality of the trigger determines the kind of experience you have while firing a shot. If this part lacks the proper ergonomics, weight, consistency, movement, or any other aspect, it would be a poor deal for you.

This is why it becomes important to buy trigger for your AR-15 guns. You could buy the whole trigger set for your AR-15. This set comes with a trigger, spring, disconnector, disconnector spring, hammer, and a J-hook spring.

  • Ejection Port Dust Covers

Ejection ports are those openings in AR-15 through which the used cases of bullets are thrown out after firing. This is an important part of the gun and deserves special attention, but is often neglected. People think these microscopic dust particles won’t do any harm to the parts of their guns. Though the reasoning seems convincing, it isn’t right. 

This is because the dust particles may slowly accumulate and clump up within the barrel, causing several issues. We suggest you buy ejection port dust covers online and use them whenever the rifle is not being used. 

  • Magazines

AR-15 guns can be decorated with creative magazines. As we tend to use different magazines in a single session at a firing range, its better to customize every magazine differently. At My Southern Tactical, you buy magazine with designed prints, memes, pop culture design, among other things. 

There are more than 100 different designs based on the above-mentioned themes, and others too. Overall, these top-tier mags will be admired by you and last years to come.

  • Stickers

Yes, you can choose quirky and humorous stickers that can be applied to guns, as well as gun case, ammo can, and others. Your AR-15 gun can be personalized and made aesthetically appealing using these stickers. At My Southern Tactical, these stickers are available at a price of mere $2.5. They are made up of outdoor vinyl with a laminate overlay to prevent damage from fading or scratches. You can choose from around 20+ products available on the website. 

  • Optics

People don’t realize what they are missing out on until they upgrade the optics on their AR-15. They help in getting a larger field of view, less sight occlusion, and a guaranteed degree of fun. If you are someone who is fascinated by guns used by characters in video games, you can opt for red dot or holographic sights. As these increases target acquisition success tremendously. 

At last, these sights are a must for people who participate in shooting competition, and desire accuracy in shooting range. 

Parting Notes

These are just some of the common AR-15 upgrades we have listed. There are tons other upgrades you could opt for. And truly, this rifle offers customization beyond anybody’s wild dreams. Muzzle devices, slings, handguards, barrels, stocks, anti-rotational pins, among others are some parts that are also sought after by AR-15 owners. 

At last, if you wish to buy high-quality AR-15 upgrades, we suggest you have a glance over our website. Reach out to us at My Southern Tactical, we would be happy to assist you over a call or an Email. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for getting the latest updates on AR-15 upgrades.