Why customize your AK 47?

If you were to ask gun enthusiasts the name of the most successful commercially produced rifle, we bet you’d hear most of them say the name AK 47. Being praised as one of the most sought-after weapons in human history, it reached the hands of Americans in the Cold War era. It was quick to break the taboo of an enemy rifle tag in the markets and the demand has skyrocketed since then.

Of the millions of stock AK-47s sold, Americans were the first to tweak the weapon altogether. We always want the best from every weapon in our arsenal. The same goes for AKs as well. Because of its popularity, there are virtually unlimited options in the market to customize your AK.

But the question lies in whether it is only personalization? Can these customizations make the weapon meet the expectations of the 20th century?

This article will discuss in detail the customization options for your AK that can significantly improve the way your AK performs:

  1. Trigger

According to professionals, the first and foremost upgrade to be done on an AK is its trigger. That long, heavy, and gritty AK trigger is known to hinder a perfect shot on target. Even though an upgraded optic will help you spot the target, the trigger would still make you miss the target. Know that your AK is not a precision machine and it was never built to be. It’s not mechanically accurate but modern-day marksmen are not ready to give it off as an excuse.

This is where upgrading the trigger in your AK can significantly improve your chance of hitting a bull’s eye. A trigger with a shorter pull length and lightweight can improve your shooting experience by a great margin.

  1. Grip

One of the common comments we’ve heard from owners of the AKs is that they feel a little awkward while holding the stock AK-47s. Most of them have even complained about uneasiness at the palm making it uncomfortable to shoot the AK. Do you face the same issue? If yes, you need to think about changing the stock grip in your AK.

There are many custom grips for AKs in the market out of which the Hogue AK-47 rubber grip is one of the most effective options available. This perfect orthopedic hand-shaped grip with inner grooves will be an ideal fit for your AK. It’s also a non-slippery and irritation-free grip impervious to oil and other solvents. There is a compartment for storage as well. What more can you ask from a gun grip?

Those who want the grip to be more abrasion resistant can choose TAPCO intramuscular AK-style pistol grip. It is made of a high-strength composite material made for the mighty M249s. It offers greater comfort and agility while firing. It also houses a storage compartment for tools and cleaning aids.

  1. Stock

The factory-made stocks are near perfect to the real world. But there are reasons that you might consider going for an upgrade. Changing the stock is an easy way to improve ergonomics. There are a lot of options in the market for you to choose from. For those who want to keep that vintage classic look, there are premium wooden stocks from Timber Smith.

The Magpul's Zhukov stocks are a worthy investment and a prime choice for many. The length is fully adjustable in them to make them compatible with shooters of all sizes. It mounts securely to the firearm as well.

  1. Handguards

Standard AK47 rifle handguards are infamous for their heating issues. To be honest the manufacturers have not taken any extra care to handle the heat from reaching the marksman. This is where a stainless-steel heat shield can be of help. These h stainless-steel heat shields can handle the heat and at the same time provide an increased gripping surface.

  1. Magazines

Extended magazines are a real-lifesaver when considering the AK47s longer reload time and the not so easy reload it’s challenging nature. More ammunition in a single magazine is everyone’s need. Magazine releases can also be incorporated with this modification to match the speed of the competitor guns your friends have their hands on.

  1. Pmags

The stock magazines are notorious for their reliability and durability issues. To get over this, new polymer PMags can be used in place. Polymer mags take a significant weight cut and hence add to the agility of your AK. Eliminating the most vulnerable cause for rifle function failure has been found to improve the reliability of the weapon over time. Feel free to visit our store to check out the Pmags for AKs we have on offer.

  1. Rail system

The rail system shouldn’t be compromised on its quality. It should be secured to the rear sight and the trunnion for improved stability. Make sure you get one that’s not attached to the dust cover or making you count on a good cheek weld.

  1. Sights

Accuracy in the range for an AK 47 is something that you should reach for. You will not get it with the stock alignment. The recoil from the gun when combined with a 6x or a 3x optic is something that concerns every enthusiast. Combining a foregrip and a tech sight has been found to solve the problem to some extent.

To Sum Up

 As mentioned, due to the popularity of the AKs the options for customizations are virtually limitless. In this article, we have only discussed some of the best customization options in the market. Know that before you decide to invest in an upgrade, you need to spend some time identifying what benefit you can get from this upgrade. Veterans advise that you first address the inaccuracy and the reliability issues of the AK than its appearance.

Here at Mysoutherntactical, we only deal with the best accessories for customization. We understand your aspirations and your thrust for personalization and always deal with the best quality accessories & attachments for your rifle. Feel free to visit our store for more customization options for your rifle.