Everything You Need To Know About Pelican Gun Cases

Irrespective of whether you are a collector, a marksman, or a hunter, finding the right storage for your rifle can get tricky. Though all you need is a proper case to protect your gun, because of the sheer number of available options finding the right case can get challenging. An ideal gun case should be waterproof, custom fitment, and made out of military-grade hardware material. Apart from protecting your weapon from accidental damage, gun cases can also keep your gun safely locked away from children who would want a touch and brush on the trigger. Moreover, these cases can also keep the gun clean from water and dust particles ensuring longer life of the firing mechanism. All these advantages make splashing money on a gun case a good investment.

Among the popular brands offering gun cases, Pelican is the one with a separate fan base among enthusiasts. Whatever be your demand, Pelican ticks all the right boxes when it comes to shielding your gun. To make it even more convincing let us dig a little deeper to find the reasons for the aforementioned blind bet on pelican gun cases.

The origin of Pelican cases

The company was started in 1976 making durable flashlights and a case for holding them. It became so popular among scuba divers that the company started doing research and development on other equipment protection devices. Gun cases are the latest addition to their product list.

Pelican now features cases of all sizes that range from the small cases that can hold your pistols, extra mags, and ammo to the big ones that carry rifles and their associated necessities.

Why Pelican Cases?

1. Valve and O-ring

Pelican cases feature an auto-purge valve that is designed to keep the pressure inside the case stable. This comes in handy when the equipment is taken up in the air while transporting. While these pressure variations with altitude won't affect the weapon as such, they can cause damage to sensitive optics during take-off and landing.

The O-ring makes the case water-resistant up to 30 minutes under 3.3 feet underwater. This ensures that the case will offer ample protection in normal rains as well. So, while making a purchase make sure that you are looking at a pelican model with a Valve & O-Ring.

2. Latch and lock

Pelican cases have state-of-the-art locks, be it their double-throw design latches or the press & pull latches which won't pop up every now even when dropped. They are easy to handle during locking and opening when compared to other popular gun case manufacturers and little over-packing won't be an issue as well.

The padlock hasps provide additional security for your gun from theft too. New models come up with stainless steel lines to the hasps which make it even tough and thus increased strength.

3. Foam

Pelican uses their custom-made industry foam developed named the 'Pick N Pluck' foam in their cases to hold your gun, magazines, and the accessories you need to store inside tight and secure. This foam has been developed after years of R&D to ensure that it offers best in the class protection to the stored weapon.

Pelican also gives its users an option to customize the case to suit their weapon. All that you need to do is to carve that pre-cut cube into the shape of the gun and insert your gun into the space.

On top of everything, it offers a crushproof claim and lifetime guarantee as well.

What are the different cases available in the Pelican product line?

1. Pelican protector case

The case can help your gun survive the harshest of climates on earth, be it the freezing arctic cold or the frying desert heat. It has the automatic purge valve built in which makes the firearm ready to fly as it matches the pressure from inside. Watertight silicone O-rings are replaceable once it is noticed to be worn. All these built-in corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware makes the case one of the best bets in the market. With the crushproof and lifetime guarantee claims with the Pick N Pluck forms, this won't come cheap.

2. Pelican storm case

Comparatively, with a lightweight, dustproof, and waterproof design, the storm cases are the latest addition to their product lineup. Resistant to any possible abuse, their Press & Pull latches are softer and easier to handle, and stronger. Two pad-lockable hasps make it impossible to break in.

3. Pelican vault case

The aggressively priced cases recently introduced into the market were designed to be the most rugged gun case in its class. High-impact polymers are used to cut weight and increase toughness. Two stainless steel hasps are featured in this product to keep the gun safe while in transit and it comes with a 5-layer internal foam.

4. Pelican mobile military

The mil grade cases come with a vortex valve, Lightweight HPX resin, and press & pull latches with stronger hinges and pad-lockable hasps. Meeting carry-on regulations is the choice for those who are pre-approved to carry guns on board.

5. Pelican V100 – the best small pistol case ever

The 11 inches x 8 inches x 4.5 inches case can safely carry a single personal pistol. It features two push-button ABS latches and 2 stainless-steel lock hasps with 5 layer protective foam for additional safety. It is one of the most rugged and durable and trusted cases of their class with the most trusted brand in the business. Weighing 1.5 kg, no wonder it is the most sought-after product in the market.


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