How Grips Can Help You Make the Most of Your AK
Even though it started out as the official weapon of choice for the Soviet Army back in the 1940s, the AK (short for Avtomat Kalashnikova) has become one of the most popular weapons around the world. A 2004 survey estimated that 75 million of the 500 million guns owned worldwide are AK rifles. That percentage is 6.66%, which might seem small but is actually quite a lot compared to the many, many other models in existence.

As common as these weapons may be, knowing how to use them can still be tricky without some practice and the right tools. Here is some information on one such tool: the 1911 grip.

What Can Grips Do?

Bright Green Grip

When it comes to rifles, a grip is more than just some cosmetic feature (although you can find and purchase grips in cool colors!). In truth, it is the part of the firearm that you hold onto with your hand — hence the name “grip.” No gun of any kind is complete without it: it is integral to the design, especially because the trigger is right next to it.

Different kinds of guns take different approaches to the grip. The standard AK comes with a grip that has what looks like bite marks taken out of it. These grooves are intended for your fingers, the idea being that it is more comfortable to hold the AK with a grip like that. The thing is that you do not need to settle for the grip they give you. You can purchase other kinds of grips that are compatible with your firearm and switch them out as you like.

The Point of Getting a New Grip

Bright Pink Grip

When you want a replacement for your current grip, consider what you would want out of a new one. Do you prefer something flat instead of something with the finger slots? Do you want something with more weight, to keep you from swerving as you aim, or something with less weight, to give you more mobility? What textures would feel most comfortable? Of course, you must choose a grip that actually works for your weapon of choice.

The main thing to keep in mind is how much control it gives you. You do not want your fingers slipping off the grip when you are out hunting or just shooting empty bean cans in the backyard. A good, strong grip of good construction can take care of that problem for you. As surprising as it may sound, change can be not just good but deeply rewarding.

Look for Grips Online Today

If you are dissatisfied with your current grip, you can change it out any time you want. Tradition does not have to hold you back like that. That is why we at MySouthernTactical offer a bunch of different grips for AK rifles. New shooting enthusiasts can start on the right foot, and experienced rifle fanatics can try something different and discover that their gun feels just like new. Try out our grips today.