How to Install a New Dust Cover on Your AR

Whether or not dust covers ARs need dust covers has remained an age-old debate. While some say ARs do not need a dust cover, those who have used the AR in a dusty environment will know that the cover can be a real lifesaver.

Also, contrary to popular opinion having a dust cover doesn’t in any way hamper the accuracy of your rifle. You should know that dust covers will be closed during operation and will open up to make way for the expended shell.

Before we get into discussing how to install a dust cover on AR, let’s look at the importance of having a dust cover.

Importance of dust cover on AR

The dust cover or the ejection port cover as it is commonly known is used to keep dust, dirt, or other particles out from your weapon. Dust covers are commonly made of steel but don’t worry they weigh only less than 1 oz. So, you don’t have to worry about adding weight to your weapon.

As mentioned before, some people don’t recommend installing dust covers on ARs but know that they’d all be using a range gun. Yes, if you use your ARs only in ranges, you don’t need to install a dust cover because of the controlled environment in the ranges.

Well, that is not the case with ARs in fields. In real-life situations, you never can expect a clean environment of operation and there are high chances for dust, dirt or other foreign matters to get accumulated in the body.

This accumulated dirt can hit you hard if you are ignorant or are not getting enough time to clean the rifle body at regular intervals. This will eventually lead to choking and the action becoming completely jammed.

Do you really need a dust cover?

In simple terms, if your ARs are exposed to a lot of grit, dust, or dirt, dust cover is something that you cannot skip installing to your auto rifle. If you are a range shooter, obviously you will be safe to some extent.

But to be on the safer side, we recommend you to install a dust cover as it costs only less than a dollar for the installation kit and 30$ on average depending on the custom skin you choose.

Now that you have understood the importance of a dust cover and have decided to go with one, let’s look at how to install a dust cover on your AR.

How do you install a dust cover on an AR?

 Don’t worry, installing a dust cover is an easy task. Follow our simple procedures to keep the process easy and safe. Before we get into installation, let’s see what are the requirements before the installation.

Tools Required

  • Needle-nose plier
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer (brass or plastic hammer)

While there are a couple of ways to install a dust cover, we will discuss the famous c clip removing methodology.

Step 1: Removing the C clip

You are going to need the needle nose plier to remove the C clip. Because the needle-nose pliers are pointed, it can distort the finish of your AR. Ensure that you keep it safe from scratching your AR. You can choose to add a piece of tape around the area you plan to work around. This will help prevent your firearm from being scratched in the process

You will now have to locate the C clip. Look at the front of the dust cover pin, there will be a groove on the pin. Now take those small screwdrivers to rotate the C clamp such that the opening is now facing your side. You should be gentle with the C clamp. Now you are going to take it out. For that, you should push it down and out on the top and bottom at the same time. It should now pop out.

Step 2: Back out the cover pin

  1. You will now need a plier to remove the cover spring and the pin. Before dismantling, take a look at how the spring and the pin are oriented.
  2. Now keep your thumb over the spring and hold the pin with the plier. It’s is to make sure that the spring won’t jump out.

III. Slowly take the pin out. Keep the pin aside and now unbox the new cover you need to attach. When you place it in position, make sure it is in the proper orientation.

Step 3: Installing the cover

You can now push the pin through the dust cover just popping through the open space. You need to position your spring now.

Have you noticed that the spring in your hand has a shorter and longer leg? You have to put it in place in such a way that the short end of the spring points to the top of your AR. The ejection port spring should be held under tension for it to work properly.

To end the procedure, all that remains is the C clamp that was removed. Push the C clamp back into the cover pin with the nose pin plier. You will hear that metal click sound. Make sure you are gentle on the clamp.

It’s done. You can now admire your effort and your personalization choice.

Post-installation function check

Now that your cover installation is done and dusted, you have to check whether it is functioning properly or not. Ensure that the dust cover stays closed and it only opens up for the expended shell to make its way out of the rifle.

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