Tips to keep your AR 15 safe at home

Undeniably, AR 15 is one of the most popular guns available in the market. But besides all the functionality it comes with, keeping it safe at home is very crucial.

You don’t want to get this heavy machinery into the wrong hands or place it somewhere that might cause trouble. For this very reason, we have laid down some important tips to keep your AR 15 safe at home. So, let’s see how to go about it:

Tips to Keep your AR 15 Secure at Home

  1. Keep it away from Kids

The first step is to always ensure your firearms are securely locked up. If you have kids at home, don’t leave your gun kit or shooting range anywhere. It must be locked in safely. Most importantly, if you are keeping your gun in a cabinet, then it should not be easily accessible to kids at home.

  1. Deactivate your Firearm

You cannot put faith in firearms or guns because ultimately it is a mechanical device that can fail at any time. In case, you forgot to deactivate your AR 15 gun, then chances are it might fire at any time. Therefore, you must ensure the safety of your AR 15 gun, and it can only be done with proper gun handling. You have to deactivate the firearm before keeping it in any case or cabinet. Moreover, if you are not ready to shoot the target, please don’t touch the trigger.

  1. Follow the general rule

There is a general rule that you must follow to keep your firearms safely, i.e., muzzle pointing in the right direction. You must avoid pointing the muzzle of the gun at the target as it could result in an accident or some unwanted event. The best direction for pointing your AR 15 firearm or any firearm is up or down, still depending on the situation. If you are dry-firing with an unloaded AR 15 gun, please make sure your gun is pointing in the right direction only.

Factors to Consider When Storing your AR 15 at Home

  1. Storage Conditions

When talking about AR gun safety, you must know the fact that storage places should be dust-free and moisture-free. Whether you are thinking about using it frequently or stashing it away, keeping the gun clean, lubricated, and protected from corrosive elements is essential.

  1. PMAG

If you are thinking about AR gun safety, you must know about PMAG. It’s a polymer magazine for keeping the weapon safely. PMAG is a prominent brand name in this industry, and My Southern Tactical provides a variety of vibrant and custom-tailored AR 15 magazines. These are 100% reliable to keep your AR 15 safe, and the best part is PMAGs are durable. Therefore, if you are tired of using dull PMAGs for your AR 15, My Southern Tactical is a one-stop solution to secure your weapon.

  1. Cabinet/Gun Case

There are several ways to secure your AR 15 gun. You can either opt-out to keep it in a PMAG and then, in a gun cabinet or gun case. There are dedicated cases designed for firearm weapons with well-lined interiors to protect the gun from corrosion, dust, and moisture. There is enough space in the case or cabinet that you can keep your AR 15 with or without PMAG magazine cover comfortably. Moreover, when there is a gun cabinet or case, it is quickly accessible whenever there is an attack.

So, it is pivotal to keep your AR gun at a safe place because then it can lead to some serious repercussions. If you own it, you have to be responsible for it!

Custom PMAGs for AR 15 Gun Safety

At My Southern Tactical, you can explore dozens of stellar designs, be it icons, symbols, or some imagery.

Here we are listing down some popularPMAGs for AR 15/M4. Have a look!

  1. PMAG 30 – Round AR/M4 – Mexico Flag

This product is from Magpul PMAG 30 AR GEN M3. It is 100% compatible with AR 15 guns and can be used for .223 Remington/5.56x45mm and a black magazine for .300 AAC blackout. This one is in Mexico flag color and can be customized as per your requirements.

  1. PMAG 30-Round AR/M4 – Born to Kill

This born-to-kill customized magazine cover for AR 15 gun is one of the popular designs My Southern Tactical has in their online store. It is compatible with AR 15 weapons and can be used for .223 Remington/5.56x45mm and .300 AAC Blackout. In case you are looking for some personalization in this magazine cover, their team can get it done quickly.

  1. PMAG 30-Round AR/M4 – Firefighter

This product is from Magpul PMAG 30 AR GEN M3. It is a polymer magazine cover, which is compatible with AR 15 guns. Moreover, it has caliber options available, i.e., .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO and .300 AAC Blackout. You can choose from the caliber and round options available at My Southern Tactical online store before your purchase. If needed, you can get this magazine cover customized as per your favorite color, symbol, icon, design, or imagery.

In case, you want to double secure your AR 15 gun, get custom PMAGs from My Southern Tactical at a reasonable price and be safe!