Replacing and installing the new Glock back cover.

What is a Glock pistol?

The name Glock pistol has been derived from the founder of, GLOCK GES m.b.h “Gaston Glock.” Glock is a polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by Austrian manufacturer, GLOCK GES m.b.h. in 1982. Glock entered the Austrian military and police department and was the top in the reliability and safety tests.

Glocks have become popular firearms, for armed forces, special agencies as well as civil forces recreational and professional shooting.

History of the Glock:

The company’s founder, Gaston Glock had zero experience in firearm manufacturing or design when he embarked on the company. During the initial days, their first pistol was known as Glock 17 which was a prototype when the founder started his company.

Glock had immense experience in synthetic polymer, which was used in the first-ever commercially successful line of pistols with polymer frames.

For anticorrosion of the metal parts of the gun, he introduced ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearm industry.

Development of the Glock:

In 1980 the Austrian armed forces announced that they are fed up with world war-II weapons and wanted something efficient and more convenient to use.

Glock became aware of this scenario and in 1982 he assembled a team of Europe’s leading handgun experts from military, police, and civilian sports shooters to elicit the most imperative and desirable features of a pistol.

In just 3 months Glock developed a working prototype with proven mechanisms. The idea was to extensively use synthetic material and modern technologies which allowed the Glock 17 to be a very cost-effective pistol.

Various samples of the Glock-17 were submitted for assessments by the company in early 1982 and after passing all the endurance and abuse tests Glock emerged as a winner. The name Glock 17 was given for the first product as it was the 17th patent procured by the company.

How to remove the original slide plate?

Before you start to remove the original slide plate, grasp a “flathead screwdriver.” After you have grabbed the right tool, hold the handle of the Glock and press the magazine release button present on the left rear side of the handle. Pull the slide to the rear of the sidearm, removing the magazine. Make sure there are no live rounds in the chamber!

Squeeze the trigger to release the firing pin into the rest position. After that pull the slide towards the rear of the weapon ¼-inch, and force down the slide release tabs. Move the slides down the rails, passing the slide release tabs and off to the end of the pistol’s frame.

There is a recoil spring in the slide which one needs to remove along with the barrel. Hold the naked slide facing downward. Now use the firing pin arm to force the firing pin towards the slide plate. There will be a click sound once it is inserted.

There ought to be a slight gap between the firing-pin arm and the firing-pin arm stop, place the screwdriver between that gap. There’s a button in that space, this mechanism takes off the tension from the firing pin spring and slide plate spring. Finally, remove the slide plate.

Maintaining the pressure on the slide plate button, move the slide plate towards the track of the slide with the thumb. As you are pushing the slideplate in the track with your thumb, cover the rear of the slide with your hand. This will allow you to catch the springs.

How to install the new Slide Plate?

  • Holding the old slide in one hand and the new one in the other, align the track of the new slide plate with the rails of the slide.

  • Now push the new slide plate into the slide until it touches the firing-pin spring and has no movement further.

  • Press the firing-pin spring with the thumb of the hand holding the slide. Now push the side pin over the top of the spring until it touches the slide plate spring and stops moving.

  • Place your thumb on top of the slide plate with the slide in your hand.

  • With your opposing hand, press the flathead screwdriver into the spring on the slide plate.

  • Using the thumb of your gripping hand, slide the sliding plate over the spring.

  • Push the slide plate in until it snaps into place.

  • And here you are, your new slide plate has been installed.

Why should we install a new Slide plate of the Glock?

  • As the shooter fires, the slide stop which is at the back of the Glock slide faces the shooter.

  • One may need to change the original slide stop of the Glock if it’s damaged scratched, worn, or torn.

  • However one can replace it for using a custom slide plate which is exclusively available on our website

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