The Importance of Ejection Port Dust Covers
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an ejection port  as “an opening in the receiver of a firearm through which the expended cases are thrown from the piece after firing.” This is an important part of any firearm, including any rifles you may own. However, that means that like with any other important part of your gun, you need to clean it, protect it and take proper care of it. Dust covers can help you in protecting the ejection port. Here is some more information on the importance of these covers and how they can help you.

Protect Your Gun from Dust

dust storm

As the name implies, ejection port dust covers are designed to keep dust out of the ejection port. This might not sound like a problem for new rifle owners. After all, your rifle is a big and powerful weapon … in cowboy days, they used to call it a “thunder stick” for a reason. What harm can a bunch of microscopic particles do to something like that?

A lot, as it turns out. Dust can be a big problem if you do not address it. This is directly connected to the ejection port’s purpose: it is basically a window into the gun. When you fire your gun, the bullet’s case is separated from the action and needs somewhere to go, which is out of the ejection port. Those small particles can accumulate, entering the gun’s innards through the ejection port and clumping up within the barrel. A dust cover for the ejection port can keep the dust out of the gun.

When to Cover the Port

We should tell you real quickly that the port dust cover cannot be used all the time. As any shooting lover will tell you, the ejection port needs to be open when you are shooting or planning to shoot, and it cannot be blocked or covered in any way. If it is, then the billet cases will have nowhere to go after they are separated from their actions. This is dangerous and can cause the gun to jam up, stop working right or even backfire. 

You only need to use the cover when you are finished using the rifle in question. This only makes sense: things only really pick up dust when they are not being used or even touched, and the gun is much less likely to pick up dust in action. However, it can get dirty while you use it, so make sure to clean it inside and out before putting the cover back over the port. Your rifle will thank you for keeping it clean.

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