What is Cerakote and Why is it used for Firearms?

Cerakote is a chemically formulated material which can be considered as a mixture of polymer and ceramic materials. It is because of the rich qualities of this composition, that cerakote is gaining wide popularity and is the most favoured material to provide any coating.

Properties of cerakote that make it stand out:

Below is a list of chemical properties which make cerakote a top choice material to be used for firearms:

  1. Resistant to rust: The cerakote material is tested in a salt solution in order to check for rust resistance. This is important in order to ensure that if you suddenly drop your firearm in saltwater, it doesn’t get destroyed. This protective cerakote covering will help keep your gun safe. Most of the firearms contain some amounts of aluminium or iron; hence it is important
  2. Hardness: Test reports have rated cerakote coatings with a pencil hardness of 9H. Other than hardness, there is a scratch resistance rating of 6H. Cerakote ensures that you don’t end up spoiling your firearm because of any scratches or nails.
  3. Fit: Cerakote application ensures a comfortable fit and finish for your firearm. It adds to the thickness and makes it convenient to hold. All this helps in making the fit more precise and more flexible for you to use.
  4. Resistance to wear and tear: Compared to other materials used for coating purposes, cerakote has been proven as the most resistant to any kind of wear and tear. There are different types of cerakote material which offer varying amounts of thickness, protection and resistance.

Why is cerakote used in firearms protection?

Mostly all firearms constitute some type of metal which is bound to get destroyed with use. Also, in the process of use, physical damages like scratches are easily possible. In order to protect your favourite firearm, you can use the cerakote layering. Cerakote is a scientific substance which has properties suitable for the protection of your guns. The unique combination o polymer and ceramic elements will help safeguard your arm from all signs of natural damages.

Why is cerakote use on rising?

Nowadays, the gun users are tired of the bland and boring black looks of their firearms. This is one of the most important reasons why they are experimenting with flashy and fun looking cerakote coatings. 

Other than offering a bold look to your gun, the cerakote layer also helps you protect it better! The properties of cerakote discussed above to ensure that the weapon stays free from any signs of abrasion, rust or other signs of physical wear and tear. These cosmetic damages can lead to functional issues in no time.

Cerakote is becoming the new favourite of firearm owners because it offers them both protection along with good appearance. The bold and funky designs enable the owners to express their bold styles through their gears. 

Experts believe that the market for cerakote coatings would expand even more in the coming time because of the increasing interests of people in safeguarding their equipments while being highly fashionable and trendy!

How to apply the cerakote coating?

While some might feel that the task is a piece of cake, its essential to understand that the work requires specific know-how about the gun and usage of cerakote, it is crucial to understand the fact that a small thing done wrong can cause the gun to stop functioning altogether. 

This is why it is recommended that if the person is not aware of how to do the task, then they should take professional help.

Below is a step by step guide on how to apply the cerakote layering on your gun:

  1. The first and foremost step is to disassemble the gun thoroughly. Resorting to only field-stripping will not help.
  2. The next task in hand is to disgrease it and blast it with garnet sand. This is done to ensure the effective removal of any kinds of oils. If any oils are left behind, they can cause functional issues in the future. Hence, this step is utterly essential!
  3. Now using the HVLP spray gun, apply the cerakote coating all over, make sure the thickness is even everywhere. You need to be extra careful while doing this. Uneven application can lead to non-functioning or improper functioning of your firearm.
  4. The last step is to oven cure the metal parts at approximately 250 degrees and polymer parts at around 150-180 degrees. It is essential so as to ensure that the coating stays in its place!

This process might look like a cumbersome task, but we strongly recommend this so that you can save your firearm from any damages!

Is the cost of cerakote coating worth it?

The cerakote coating will definitely add up to your maintenance costs, but according to us, every penny that you spend would be worth it! The layer would help increase the life of your firearm. It would protect your gun from all kinds of cosmetic damages. 

Other than that, nowadays you can easily find the cerakote in different colours and designs. For those who have a collection of firearms and wish to express the uniqueness of each forearm, the cerakote layers are a blessing.

They would give a new style and finishing to your gun and would make you fall in love with it all over again! The unique properties, along with classy colours, is a deadly combination which is totally not worth missing out on. However, it is crucial to understand that its not a DIY decoration material.


If you wish to keep your firearm safe and in good condition for a long time, then every penny that you spend on these beautiful looking cerakote layers would be worth it! With the coating on, you would not have to worry about causing any uncalled for damages to your precious gun.